Sing like my life at stake

Orgasmic Tuesday

So....I happen to find this question incredibly hard. Mostly because, I have had so many amazing experiences that I can't narrow it down to just one. But, I have finally just chosen one. Fuck it.

So, my girlfriend, at my request, dressed up like a sexy teacher...holy moly was that hot. We kept the dirty talk going throughout the whole experience...pretending like i was a student that had been lusting after her for quite a while, and she only agreed to indulge my fantasies, if I indulged hers.  There were screams of "no miss (insert last name here)" "you're so hot miss (insert name here)." It was ridiculously hot. Some of the hottest sex we've had ever.

Just imagine your female significant other in a sexy teacher outfit, complete with white collared button up shirt, plaid skirt, red "fuck me" heels, standing in a classroom, one leg up on a chair, part of their lady parts visible because they're not wearing any panties, and a crop in hand.  Tell me that's not hot?

There...that is my erotic experience. It was so amazing. My gf perfect_lie143 is amazing.
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